Importance of inner beauty

23 Dec, 2021
Importance of inner beauty
by Team Kélesta

Taking care of hair is like gardening. You have to water, grow and nurture them.

And honestly, you may feel you’re too busy for that.

Hustling over commitments, the rise of pollution, usage of chemical products, and bodily changes leads to rough, dry, and frizzy hair.

Then juggle between various products and work on your hair.

But you couldn’t figure out what works for you.

You lose your motivation to take care of your hair.

This cycle repeats.

Sounds relatable, right?

Well, if you’re looking for a legit, permanent solution to solve all your hair loss problems  then these two magical words are here to solve that.

Mindset and habits.

Seems like an overall life lesson?

Don’t worry, it is not.

We’re keeping it super specific to achieve your hair goals.

Now you might have a question.

While there are so many tips around hair packs, hair oils, and shampoos to apply, how can these two help you solve them?

That’s where the concept of internal wellness comes in.

Remember your childhood days?

No artificial products, no extra hair care, but still your hair was lustrous and good, right?

That’s because you were living an active lifestyle, having healthy food and a stress-free mind.

Basically, you had a lot of good things going inside you.

Natural ingredients with zero stress.

That impacted your skin and hair.

Likewise, if you inculcate habits that makes your inner self healthy, external factors like skin and hair looks healthy.

But it is well said than done, we get you.

This blog will tell you about super-efficient approaches to getting healthy hair, purely by focusing on internal wellness.

Actionable tips ahead, so don’t miss it.

Let’s start on Mindset.

  • Are you a person who gets tense when you see hair falling from your comb?
  • Are you a person who gets stressed on bad hair days?
  • Do you have an inferiority complex just because of your hair?

If your answer is YES, then it’s time to change your thoughts.

Having inferior thoughts or stressing out about your hair makes you feel even more stressed. This aggravates hair fall and impacts hair quality.

“So what should I do for this?”

Re-assure yourself that everything will be alright and constantly think that nothing can take away my confidence from me.

Remember the famous caption, “Don’t let anything dull your sparkle?”

That’s the mindset you need to possess.

Practice affirmations.

You might be stressed due to various other factors. Work pressure, commitments to name a few.

Having a fitness routine and screen-free time are some quick tips that will help you deal with stress in big ways.

Now let’s come to the second aspect.

 Habits :

“Habits are not the finish line to be crossed, but they’re a lifestyle to be lived”

Instead of setting big-time goals, it is best to set small habits that help you achieve your goals.

To get good hair, in the right way, it is important to set habits that take care of and nourish your hair.

As said before, when you take care of your internal self the right way, your hair and skin come to your rescue.

Here are the top 3 habits to make a point every day (along with mindset tips at the top)

  1. It is essential to avoid fried, packed, and generally junky foods. Having in moderation is fine, but not all of the time.
  2. Drink 3 to 4 liters of water every day. Water nourishes your scalp and avoids dryness and dandruff.
  3. Have juices and herbs that help in the growth of hair.

It can be regular beetroot+carrot juices or juices in small portions like amla and aloe vera.

This cleanses your body and thus impacts the health of your hair.

Well, talking about herbs and juices, there are a few ingredients that impact good hair health.

You can surely try these ingredients out and see results.

  1. Green Tea:

Scientific name : Camellia Sinesis

Nutrients present: Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, Amino Acids

How can you use:

Green tea can be used

  • As a hair rinse
  • As a drink
  • As a hair mask

Best for: Hair loss and fungal infections

All of us know green tea as a powerhouse of antioxidants and good for overall wellness.

But do you know that green tea is a secret ingredient that curbs hair loss?


Studies say that green tea has ECGC (epigallocatechin-3-gallate), which inhibits hormones that cause hair loss.

Your hair involves in a cycle of growth and fall and this cycle involves three phases :

  • Androgen or hair growth phase
  • Telogen or resting phase
  • Catagen phase – the transition phase

Green tea helps in prolonging the androgen phase, i.e., the hair growth phase.

Therefore, it is important to have two cups of green tea every day for good hair.

You can also use it as a hair cleanser as it removes all impurities from your scalp.

  1. Moringa:

Scientific name: Moringa Oleifera

 Nutrients present : Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc

 How can you use:

  • As a hair oil
  • Hair mask
  • Moringa leaves and powder can be included in diet

 Known to solve: Dry and flaky scalp

Moringa is one of the superfoods which is nutrient-dense and good for our immune system.

This super-rich food also impacts our hair health and particularly involves strengthening our hair.

It particularly has lots of zinc and vitamins, which help with overall health, thus involving good circulation and hair growth.

You can either have dishes made out of moringa leaves or moringa powder.

Some of the readymade options would be having the extract of it or capsules.

Well, anything green is good for your health, and this is no exception.

  1. Amla Ras:

Scientific name: Phyllanthus Embilica

Nutrients present:    Vitamin C , Vitamin E, Vitamin A , Iron

How can you use:

  • Can be eaten as a fruit
  • Juices or shots
  • Hair oil and masks

Best for: hair growth and increasing volume

Ask your grandma for a hair care natural ingredient and amla will never be off of their list.


Amla or Indian Gooseberry comes first when it comes to home remedies for hair growth.

Internally and externally, any form of Amla will cure a range of issues specific to hair, but when taken internally, it impacts your overall well-being in a good way.

Amla has a range of vitamins and minerals, which strengthens hair follicles and ensures that the scalp gets all of its essential nutrients.

This makes your hair bouncy and gives a good luster and texture.

From amla oils and juices to hair packs, any form of treatment with amla will never stop giving good results.

(PS: You need to be consistent with them, that’s it)

  1. Sea Buckthorn :

Nutrients present:    Magnesium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Calcium

 How can you use:

  • Can be drunk as juice
  • Mixing its oil with a carrier oil
  • Having supplements

 Known to solve: Grey and rough hair

This will probably be a new ingredient, especially if you’re from an Indian household.

Being a new, non-Indian ingredient is it good to use Sea Buckthorn ?

Do you believe if we tell you that this nature’s wonder covers over 90 percent of essential minerals in the world?

This one enormous benefit is good enough to make sea buckthorn a part of your routine.

Top hairstylists infuse sea buckthorn in their products because of its regenerative properties.

Their presence of folates and biotin helps in maintaining hair texture and hair growth.

It is considered one of the best moisturising agents for your hair.

Nowadays, there are a lot of supplements, food products, beverages, and oils based on sea buckthorn.

Have it in moderation and see the results for yourself.

  1. Brahmi Ras:

Scientific name: Bacopa Monnineri

Nutrients present:    Antioxidants and Vitamin C

 How can you use:

  • Hair oil
  • As a juice

Best for: Reducing stress in hair follicles and accelerating hair growth

Name an ayurvedic hair product, you’ll never miss this ingredient.

Brahmi Ras has a range of benefits, right from improving memory, destressing yourself, to reducing dryness, itchiness, and flakiness of your hair.

It is best known for strengthening your hair roots and nourishing them from the inside.

Surprisingly, it also has antioxidant properties, which help in regenerating the scalp and forming a protective layer.

Brahmi can also be used for external usage, in the form of hair oils and hair masks.

  1. Bhringraj Ras:

Scientific name: Eclipta Porstrata

Nutrients present:    Magnesium, Vitamin E, Vitamin D , Calcium

 How can you use:

  • As a hair oil
  • Consuming as a powder (in less amount)
  • As a shot

Best to solve: Less shiny hair, damaged hair

Bhringraj is another universally acclaimed ayurvedic ingredient for all hair-related issues.

It has some amazing benefits which can also be a one-stop herb to solve all your hair issues.

In fact, studies say that Bhringraj is more effective than Minoxidil, a common drug used to solve hair loss.

Bhringraj oil is famous and requires no introduction.

But consuming Bhringraj Ras gives you a range of nutrients for your body, such as Vitamin E, Vitamin D, magnesium, and calcium.

These nutrients can benefit your body along with benefitting your hair.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Nutrients present Vitamin B1, B2, biotin

How can you use:

  • As a shampoo
  • As a shot
  • As a hair rinse

Best for: Maintaining pH of the scalp

Apple Cider Vinegar, or ACV, is one sure-shot magical ingredient we see on the internet.

ACV is 5 percent acidic and contains no fat or carbohydrates per tablespoon.

It has 0 calories but offers numerous benefits.

People consume it regularly, thinking it to be a fat burner and a detoxifying ingredient.

Well, it gives so many benefits to your tresses as well.

ACV has been used as a hair rinse over the years and removes all the product buildup on your scalp.

But when you consume it, it offers a new range of benefits for your hair.

Here are some top benefits:

  • It balances the pH level of your skin and scalp.
  • It nourishes your hair cuticles, thus preventing split ends.
  • It offers nutrients like vitamins B and C, which are beneficial to your hair.
  1. Ginger Ras:

Nutrients present:    Vitamin C, Vitamin B, phosphorous

How can you use:

  • In food
  • As a juice
  • Hair mask

Best for: Itchy scalp and other scalp related issues

Have you heard the quote,

“Let food be thy medicine, let thy medicine be food”?

Ginger is one superfood best suited for the above quote.

Ginger is a traditional herb, used by our families for improving digestion and used as a fat burner.

Apart from these, ginger is best for solving hair-related issues like itchy scalp and thinning hair.

Moreover, ginger contains an antioxidant called gingerol, which helps in increasing the volume of your hair.

You can drink ginger juices such as ginger honey or ginger-lemon at least twice a week to reap maximum benefits.

Apart from giving good hair, ginger also solves your everyday skin issues like acne.

So make sure you don’t put away ginger out of your diet!

  1. Aloe Vera:

Nutrients present:    Beta-carotene, Folic acid, vitamin B12

How can you use:

  • Hair oil
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Juice
  • Hair mask
  • Hair styling gel

(there are endless ways!)

Best for: hair loss, dry or oily scalp, thin hair.

Aloe Vera can be called a “miraculous succulent” and the benefits it gives are endless.

From overall wellness, treating acne and suntan to curing almost every hair issue, its presence is huge.

Since we’re talking about super foods for hair, do you think it deserves a place to be talked about?

What makes aloe vera an irreplaceable ingredient for our hair?

  • It contains proteolytic enzymes which clean out dead skin cells from the scalp.
  • Amino acids and zinc present in them strengthen your hair.
  • The huge water content present in them serves as a natural conditioner and reduces the oil secretion in your scalp.
  • It forms a protective layer around your hair which protects it from UV rays and other pollutants.

Best part is it can also be used externally as a styling product!

Now, we’ve mentioned the above 9 super foods for good hair.

But, to see the best results, it is important to be consistent for at least a month.

One thing is that it takes a lot of work and time to decide, plan and prepare your magic hair potion.

As said in the beginning, we live a busy lifestyle where we cannot afford a lot of time and energy to work on these.

Even though we try once, sometimes situations fail us to be consistent and you miss out on their natural benefits.

That’s why we have a solution for you.

We thoughtfully curated these 9 ingredients to give your hair maximum benefits.

Presenting to you, Happy Hair shots by Kelesta.

The small bottles you see are loaded with the goodness of the 9 natural ingredients we’ve spoken about above.

All you need to do is shake it, pour it into a cup of water, and drink it in the morning or before sunset.

It is as simple as that.

Saves time? Yes.

 Ensures consistency? Big yes!

 But, results?

Since our product is based on the approach of solving your hair problems internally, it definitely gives external results as you’ve taken one good step to a healthy lifestyle.

Best part of this approach?

 The results are permanent.

To retain the natural goodness and to harness maximum benefits, we’ve avoided all kinds of colors, sugars, or anything artificial.

Our product is the cruelty-free meaning we dont test our products on animals.

Thus our product is vegan-friendly too.

Do not wait, as you can step into 2022 with lots of style and confidence.

Here’s your way to get a magic potion!

Remember Happy Mind+Happy Lifestyle=Healthy Hair!

Stay tuned to see more of our blogs!

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